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First Hotel System you can start using immediately

And with no payment commitment or contact binding period, because we only want happy users

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Try the test hotel
Password: Thepms#1

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No payment obligation
or binding period

Click, use, and pay if ROOMAXE is right for you !

Try the test hotel, or add your own with no payment obligation

Where others offer a trial version, presentation or sales contact, we give access to immediate use of of a full version. Reservations, check-in & -out, billing, invoicing, maintanance, housekeeping, event calendar and lots more... If you wish to continue use the monthly charge hereafter will be 149 USD for up to 10 rooms + 3,76 USD per additional room, and with no contract binding period because we only want happy users.

Surplus in daily operations and on the bottom line

New family run hotel with 18 rooms: "Without hotel experience we were surprised how complex hotel software systems can be, and happy that we could start immediate use of ROOMAXE without payment commitment or contract binding period, and to continue use hereafter :-* 
B&B with 7 rooms: 65 year old owner who never before had used a hotel software system "
ROOMAXE is so easy to understand and use!".
Boutique Hotel with 15 rooms: New employee to colleague on the first day: "I get ROOMAXE and need no further assistance". 

Some strive to be good at everyting where we strive to be masters at what we do!
Property Management System, Hotel Management System, Room Management System.

We offer integration to Hotel Link Solution's Channel Manager, Online Booking and Payment Gateway, and if you're already a user you can connect using your existing hotel code.

Information for our skilled colleagues in the Hospitality Software industry
We are ready for integration collaboration and white labelling. Online Booking Engine, Channel Manager, Payment Gateway, Revenue Management, Financial Management, Guest Management, Room Key Management Systemer...

Room Management Software System

Click, use, and pay if ROOMAXE is right for you !

Kaare Harry Kjerrumgaard

My name is Kaare Harry Kjerrungaaard and I have compressed 30 years of experience and a future outlook in developing the Hotel Software I allways sought after.
I have a particular love for locally rooted accommodation providers such as Inns, Bed & Breakfasts and Boutique Hotels, and wish to contribute to these remaining as unique local pearls, rather than being converted for other purposes.

More about me:


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